Image How to make your home a haven of peace?

How to make your home a haven of peace?

If peace can be found through the wise teachings of experts like Prem Rawat ( , it can also be found through sharing with others as by volunteering for associations like the Prem Rawat Foundation. It is also said that peace is just at home and that one is never as good as at home.

And yet, it happens that for some people, arriving home causes great frustration and does not lead to the feeling of serenity that it should bring. There are several causes for this, but generally, it is the crowding, the obstruction and the noise that reminds us that our home is not a haven of peace. See how to fix it.

Arrange your home

Of course, you do the cleaning regularly and your business does not drag everywhere. But here, the sense of arranging concerns all the nooks and crannies of your rooms. So, organize your rooms, and in each room, organize each space so that it can serve one thing, and only one. So start by determining the locations of your furniture, making sure you have enough space to move around as you want.

Then, on your shelves, devote a storage for a type of business. You will make the choice according to your needs. For example, if it's in a children's room, you can put the books for school on one side and magazines on the other. Do the same in each drawer. Avoid mixing your products or clothes. If necessary, provide boxes for your jewelry, baskets for your beauty products, small boxes for something else. This also applies to storage spaces such as the storage room, the attic or the garage.

There is no reason why they should be turned upside down! When everything is in place, order will come naturally. When you need something, it will be easier for you to find it. Also, you will no longer have the daily sight of a disorder which has an impact on your mind and your ability to reason!

Avoid any obstruction

When we talk about obstruction, we are referring to things that are not in their place, but also, that are useless. Whether you have a studio or a large house, always make sure you have enough space so that you can move around safely. So, if you have to go around a piece of furniture to access a place in your house, remove it and choose a more appropriate place. Likewise, choose a decoration suited to your space.

In a studio, large trinkets will only take up the little space you have. In the long term, they will consist of visual aggression. In the same way, separate yourself from everything you no longer need. If you have trouble throwing them away, give them to people who can use them or sell it if their condition allows it. If you absolutely want to keep them, store them in an orderly place that you can close.

Get into good habits

To make your home a haven of peace, consider building good order habits and avoiding overcrowding. So when you see something that's out of place, immediately put it back where it should be, without waiting for the next cleaning. Similarly, avoid putting everything and anything in your storage compartment, throw away what is no longer needed.

Besides, the storage compartment is only practical when it only includes your everyday items. You will see that your quality of life will be better, since when you return from work, you will find a pleasant place. Rather than getting upset about the obstruction that accumulates, you can then take the opportunity to rest as you see fit!

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