Image 10 ideas to create a haven of peace in your garden

10 ideas to create a haven of peace in your garden

10 ideas to create a haven of peace in your garden

Peace is possible. Such is the unique message of peace from Prem Rawat, the ambassador of peace. He is renowned for his best-seller, “When the Desert Blooms”, which was initially written in Spanish. It is possible to find peace in your own home and surrounding re-modeling some parts of your garden.

A garden is a place where you can relax, breathe fresh air, and even meditate. To make your garden a haven for peace, read the following pieces of advice.

Here are 10 ideas to create a haven of peace in your garden

1. Get an idea from some published photos

The first step is to identify your need and interest. Several designs are available to make your garden a peaceful spot. On the internet, there is a vast collection of photos published by talented designers and architects. That will help you get started and plan your haven of peace.

2. Design the shape of the peaceful haven

Once you have got an idea, take a notebook and design the landscape. If may need to hire a landscape architect to carry out the project successfully. An experienced person can help you find out where to buy the right plants and the garden accessories, like stones, round pebbles, and fountain.

3. Make a list of the necessary accessories

The next step is to find out what accessories are needed in the garden. You may find those enlisted in the garden description from the internet photo you have chosen. Yet, the following list may help you to get started:

  • Cobblestones for the pathways within the garden
  • Water fountains to decorate the middle of the garden
  • Green labyrinths
  • Swans statues
  • Plants and shrubs
  • Colorful flowers
  • Garden benches and a small outdoor table

4. Order the accessories ahead of time

It is important to choose carefully the accessories for the garden of the haven. Order the pebbles form special stores, and choose the rounded pebbles to add sophistication to the area.

5. How to choose the appropriate statues?

Some garden statues may look too big, which occupy too much space in the garden. For example, a giant lion next to the water fountain does not give the idea of peace at all, even if a lion can be used as a symbol of a protecting animal. It is better to choose statuettes of birds and swans to represent peace.

6. Choosing the plants and shrubs

You may be tempted to plant nothing but all kinds of flowers and evergreen plants in the garden. However, it is a good idea to improve the idea of serenity in the peace haven garden, by adding bonsai fruit trees like a few dwarf orange trees.

7. Add a few potted plants, too

Planting the plants on the ground is good; however, to add beauty, it is recommended to perch some potted plants on the garden wall, especially some of those lush green plants. This facilitates taking care of the rampant plant species. In addition, it is also a good idea to put some of the plants on a garden table.

8. Add a beautiful fence around the garden

To add beauty to the garden, it is a good idea to surround it with a white wooden fence, with pointed edges, on which rampant green plants are growing. If the plants are too close to each other, this makes the garden look messy. Therefore, adding space between each plant lets them grow well and gives a feeling of peace.

9. Install a hammock on the corner

When you think about relaxation, do not forget to talk about lying comfortably on a hammock. You can install two posts on the corner of the garden, or between two trees, where you can read your favorite book under the shade of the trees. A hammock is easy to fix and can be moved too if necessary.

10. What flowers to grow

In the peace haven garden, the ideal is to plant colorful flowers, like tulips, roses, or dahlia. In other words, it is important to pay attention to the colors and the position of the plants in the garden. If you are at peace, the world is also in harmony, says Prem Rawat. Thus, making yourself at peace will induce the world into serenity.

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