Image Make your room a haven of peace

Make your room a haven of peace

Make your room a haven of peace

Tiding up the room is part of the daily chore, and many people do not consider it important. This is the room where you spend most of your time, especially if you spend much time at work. You can transform your bedroom into a relaxing place, a cozy area to take a rest every evening. Read how to make your room a peace haven to make peace possible, as Prem Rawat, the ambassador of peace said.

Start with your bedroom

As soon as you get up, make your bed. Put the blankets and bed sheet in a cupboard, and avoid putting a pile of bed covers on your bed. It just looks messy. Besides, put all your clothes in a wardrobe, and have a special basket for the laundry. Put the dirty clothes in the laundry room, rather than in the bedroom. Straighten the files if you have a little desk in your bedroom. Also, get rid of unused paper.

Adjust the light and colors

To make your room a peaceful place, make sure that it is well-lit and not dark. You can choose bright color for the bedroom wall. Light blue, soft green, or white is a good choice, since it induces good sleep and relaxation. Choose light-colored curtains to spark a good mood. Opting for soothing colors for the wall, the curtains, and other accessories helps the mind to stay peaceful, especially after a hectic day at work. Too bright or dark colors are irritating and prevent mind tranquility. Light brown or ivory is also pacifying colors.

Add some green plants

Adding some green vegetation near the bedroom enhances peace. If the room is rather small, you can put the plants in the hall, or in the living room. The best is to put them in beautiful pots, by the window. It is good to note down, however, that you need to choose carefully the plants to grow indoor. Toxic shrubberies should not be grown inside.

Do not overload the area

Avoid overloading the living room with too many pieces of furniture. The ideal is to keep only what is essential so as to make the room more spacious. For example, you can put a sofa, two armchairs, and a coffee table. In addition, you may place two end tables for the plants, a TV stand, and a book shelf. If you do not have a separate dining room, it is also possible to have a dining table with a few chairs and a cupboard for the plates, spoons, trays, and glasses.

Set a spot for meditation

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat says that regular meditation can help attain inner peace. To stay zen, it is necessary to have a spot for meditation in the bedroom. This does not have to be a separate room. It can be near the window, where you can breathe fresh air, and see the clear blue sky through the window.

This is because when meditating, you need to breathe in and breathe out, observe your breaths and meditate. You need to have a small table to put the holy book that you read every day. The table is also to set the light for late meditation. Choose a soft mat to sit on to be comfortable.

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